Wednesday, July 6, 2011

xoxo, A

Pretty Little Liars, while completely addicting, stresses me out. Why? Because they always meet in these sketch, dark places. What happened to a well lit area? Why would you meet in the middle of the dark woods when you know someone is out there watching your every move? Gah!

Besides all that, I love this soapy series right down to the opening titles (that theme song is chilling!) After watching the first few episodes, I realized I couldn't wait to find out who "A" is so I decided to read the YA series, which might have been an error in judgement becasue the books were just as addicting, but even darker and more twisted than the show if you could believe. The girls were not best friends, and there were far more deaths and mysteries than what's going on right now in the series. They're changing a lot, and I really hope they don't change who "A" is because it's a doozy.

My favorite characters are even different from the show and the books. In the books, it's Aria, the artsy girl whose a bit of a loner and dates the gorgeous Mr. Fitz. (However, Ezra is a very minor character in the book, I'm glad that they're making his character bigger in the show because Ian Harding is very swoon worthy). In the show it's Spencer Hastings, the rich prepster who has competed with her older sister Melissa her whole entire life. In the books I seriously wanted A to murder her because she was so annoying, but I think she's so endearing the show (plus her outfits are flawless. Flawless!).

Also, there's a lot of new characters and relationships in the show that didn't occur in the books, but I should just come to terms with the fact that they are two different entities. Either way, the book series and the show are great frothy reads and watches for the summer to take your mind off that heat and humidity. It's best while sitting either outside on a towel or in front of a fan while sipping lemonade (alcohol optional).

Just sit back and let the mystery unfold.

I'll be watching.


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