Monday, September 24, 2012

Emmy Wrap-Up

The Emmys are my second favorite Awards Show. The first being the Golden Globes because all the stars get drunk and are usually so off the cuff by the time they win their awards that I love all the "OMG! Did he/she just say that on live television?" moments. But, I love the Emmys because obvs I'm a tv addict.

I thought Jimmy Kimmel did a fantastic job hosting. He kept the show moving and was pretty funny and not nasty to his fellow celeb friends (Though, I totally stick by Ricky Gervais. I think he's hilarious, and those movie stars --I'm looking at you Angelina and Tommy Cruise-- need to get a sense humor STAT).

One of my favorite parts was Josh Groban's rendition of "What Makes You Beautiful?" by One Direction for Jimmy Kimmel's "memorial." Hilar!

Modern Family of course swept the competition winning awards in all the comedy categories (except lead actress/actor), including Best Comedy for the THIRD year in a row. Look, I love Modern Family as much as the next person, and I do agree it deserves a lot of praise, but I think it's time to make room for some fresh new comedy.  Side note: Why were Parks & Recreation and Happy Endings BOTH NOT NOMINATED? Get with the program, Emmy voters these are two of the funniest shows on television, with outstanding casts!

While I have heard many good things about Veep, I'm very sad that Julia Louis-Dreyfus beat out Amy Poehler for the Lead Actress in a Comedy category. I mean, Amy just had an absolutely stellar and emotional season on Parks and she deserved to take it home. Though did love the bit she did with Julia. Love funny ladies.

The only winner I was unhappy about was Jon Cryer. Jon, you were awesome as Ducky in "Pretty in Pink". I love you. But, Two and a Half Men just is a vile, unfunny show and I honestly don't think you deserved that Emmy. I think it should have gone to Louis C.K.  (who was a big winner regardless, but very well deserved. He's a very talented comedian) or Larry David. But, I'm still kind of annoyed that Nick Offerman was not nominated for his role as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation. Again, what the heck, Emmy voters?!

I actually don't watch many dramas, but was happy with all the winners, especially Aaron Paul who won best supporting actor for Breaking Bad (a show I will eventually watch, pinky swear). His speech choked me up a bit. It was too cute how excited he was, and you could tell he was genuinely humbled.

Homeland took the the award for best drama series. Another show I need to look into because I've heard nothing but amazing things. The stars Claire Danes (so not a fan of her dress, I know she's preggars but it just did not flatter her at all and I usually like her fashion choices) and Damian Lewis also took home an Emmy.
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My best dressed of the night goes to Kerry Washington (look at all those sparkles! I die!)

 with a VERY close second to Tina Fey. Woman looked smokin'!

One day I'll know what that red carpet feels like...One day!

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